I was one of those people who scorned at street graffiti being called art, now I am saved. But I am not going to call it Street Art or Wall Art or Contemporary Art, I’m going to call it Art. There is Art everywhere in Shoreditch – on a locksmith’s door, on a Punjabi restaurant’s shutter, on lamp posts. Some are calls, proclaiming life, proclaiming revolution. Many talk about love, happiness and the joy of being able to create.

But tour guides have infiltrated these streets too. There are groups of people following these lecturing men. There are also those men with fluorescent coats trying to whitewash these walls.

I don’t know who these artists are. There is no back story I know. Some walls are done and redone- by many artists I can tell.

Here are a few pictures –

‘A wall is a very big weapon. It is one of the nastiest things you can hit someone with.’ – Banksy


Location: Great Eastern Street, London, UK

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