i write
/ fiction (I’m working on the 2nd draft of a novel and on a short story collection)

/ poetry (?) (spoken word, instapoetry)

/ i believe in the fluidity of all things
/ i think about place, space & time
about childhood, sexuality & the sea
my future, my ancestry
/ i’ve gone and come – to some obscure parts of the world
have found home in some of them

/ i was born in Villupuram, an incomplete town in Tamil Nadu, south-India
and live now in Berlin, Germany
plotting, writing and living a little
a தமிழ் queer woman

/ i tremble in bed at night with desire for the unknown. i have nothing else

A brief list of shortlists:
…..my short story Poochi was finalisted for the Indiana Review Fiction Prize 2021. It’s not out anywhere yet, but the announcement is here
…..my poem a gaslighter sighs on the other end won runner-up in the Radical Art Review Creative Writing Competition in April 2021. read it here

a gaslighter sighs on the other end by Avrina Prabala-Joslin shows a charged stream of consciousness tailored with a creative use of language to tell a story of deception and quiet rage” Matthew Magill, RAR Poetry Editor

…..my short story The Plumage was shortlisted for the Berlin Writing Prize 2019. read an excerpt here