i write
/ fiction (I’m working on the 5th draft of a novel and on a short story collection)

/ poetry (?) (spoken word, instapoetry)

/ i believe in the fluidity of all things
/ i think about place, space & time
about childhood, sexuality & the sea
my future, my ancestry
/ i have always loved and will always love my family
/ i’ve gone and come – to some obscure parts of the world
have found home in some of them

/ i was born in Villupuram, an incomplete town in Tamil Nadu, south-India
and live now in Berlin, Germany
plotting, writing and living a little
a தமிழ் queer being

/ i tremble in bed at night with desire for the unknown. i have nothing else

A brief list of wins, short/longlists:

…..my short story She’s a Tank, a Battalion, a Banyan won the Short Fiction/University of Essex International Short Story Prize 2021. You can read it here

….review of my performance a writer goes fishing for lost voice at AmnAsia 2.0 (by APAL) along with the review of the event can be read here in german

“Sich als Autorin nicht nur mittels Text und Sprache an die Welt zu wenden, sondern auch filmisch die eigenen Gedanken zu teilen, war für Avrina Prabala-Joslin zunächst eine ungewohnte Herausforderung, wie sie im Nachgespräch ausführte. Doch ihre Arbeit „A writer goes fishing for lost voice”, die sie tatsächlich nach vielen Jahren die eigene Stimme in ihrer Muttersprache hat finden lassen, entwickelt als performative Spoken Word Poetry eine berührende Lebendigkeit. Zwischen Intimität und Argwohn gegenüber der Sprache ihrer Kolonialisten, entfaltet sich eine persönliche Suche nach den Worten der eigenen Geschichte.” Jenny Mahla, tanzschreiber

…..my short story Selfportrait, 2017, Sagaya Rani, oil-on-linen, 196.2 x 157.5 cm was longlisted for the 2021 Desperate Literature Prize for Short Fiction. It’s not out anywhere yet, but how encouraging is that?

…..my short story Poochi was finalisted for the Indiana Review Fiction Prize 2021. It’s not out anywhere yet, but the announcement is here

…..my poem a gaslighter sighs on the other end won runner-up in the Radical Art Review Creative Writing Competition in April 2021. read it here

a gaslighter sighs on the other end by Avrina Prabala-Joslin shows a charged stream of consciousness tailored with a creative use of language to tell a story of deception and quiet rage” Matthew Magill, RAR Poetry Editor

…..my short story The Plumage was shortlisted for the Berlin Writing Prize 2019. read an excerpt here