☁️ 19.11.2022: “if undelivered, please return to…”, an evening of poetry at Savvy Contemporary, Berlin, with poets Meena Kandasamy, Abul Kalam Azad, Uzma Falak and Reyazul Haque. Read from if poetry is a prayer, is a poem a dare? and குரல் / குறள்

☁️ 29.10.2022: “Poetry Meets:HipHop” at Oyoun Berlin, with Headliner Sammus, Mushiva, Slam-Poet ‘Sir Black’ and Nana d’Artist. Read from poets on fire

☁️ 29.10.2022: “Wepsert: Like Water” at Ada Bar Berlin, with poets Sarah Berger and Adelaide Ivanova. Read from a poet on fire makes thoughts on german-land (multilingual reading in english, german and தமிழ்)

☁️ 06.09.2022: ““The Circus” Revisited” at The Circus Hotel Berlin, with writers Sarah K. Perry and Sarah Van Bonn.

☁️ 03.09.2022: “macht.sprache. Sprint” by poco.lit at the Literarisches Colloquium (LCB) Berlin. Read from let me take you home with me, let me show you where i come from

☁️ 24.07.2022: “FREAK DE L’AFRIQUE presents Ayo City Festival” at Haubentaucher Berlin with artists Josephine Papke, Melanelle B. C. Hémêfa, Oluwafumilade Oyinkansola Anuoluwakpo, Toha and Zaki Hagins. Read from can i tell you what a flower makes me feel?

☁️ 07.07.2022: “in tandem: live literature” at Lettrétage Berlin, with writers Duygu Ağal, Çagla Aribal, hn. lyonga and Dasom Yang. Read from i wrote my nightmares down for you (avrina prabala-joslin) in english and from oru good night story (chella thambi) in தமிழ்

☁️ 16.06.2022: “Poets’ Corner Treptow-Köpenick – Lyrik in den Bezirken (23. poesiefestival berlin)” at Novilla Berlin with poets Nadja Küchenmeister, Marko Pogačar, Mariam Rasheed, Ulrike Almut Sandig and Donna Stonecipher. Read from myfuckmanifesto

☁️ 26.03.2022: “Parataxe” at English Theater Berlin, with writer Aboud Speed. Read from Tea and Treachery

☁️ 08.12.2021: “Trost. Der Praxistest” at Literaturhaus Berlin, with writers Gabriele von Arnim, Asal Dardan, Daniel Falb, Tomer Gardi, Bernhard Heckler, Nataša Kramberger, Hannah Lühmann, Mathias Traxler, Asmus Trautsch. You can listen to me read from min 14:43 here

☁️ 30.10.2021: “Mapping Memory” at Savvy Contemporary Berlin. Read from you find a place in me with lost words and taste

☁️ 10.08.2021: “Asking the Archive: Über 35 Jahre Li-Be Archiv” at Literaturhaus Berlin, with Michael Goetting, Gurmeet Singh, Janika Gelinek, Sonja Longolius, Herbert Wiesner and Matthias Weichelt

☁️ 10.07.2021: “Voicemail” at Refugio Berlin, with artists Anisha Gupta Müller, Kartini, Linh Müller, The Darvish and Türkish Delight

☁️ 09.05.2021: “Asian Performing Artists Lab presents AmnAsia (2nd edition)”, Berliner Ringtheater, with artists Michiyasu Furutani, Nine Yamamoto-Masson, Shen Sum-Sum, Thủy-Tiên Nguyễn, Tien Yi-Wei und Wang Ping-Hsiang. Read from a writer goes fishing for lost voice. Watch the documentation of the residency here.

(the above is a selection of readings undertaken in the last 2 years)

(below are a few recordings of works from a younger poet)