☁️ 03.06.2023 (6:30 pm), poets on a river of fire for “A Wa Nibi: We are here”, poetry session co-imagined with dandelion eghosa at Kampnagel, Hamburg. Event is curated within a 2-part queer introspection taking place in Lagos, Nigeria and Hamburg, Germany with a goal to create a digital glossary of contemporary queer vocabulary in Nigeria

poets on a river of fire: queer and flowing, queer and burning, queer in writing. poets dandelion eghosa and avrina prabala-joslin come together in this kitchen session to let the audience into their world of words, spirits, transitions, siblinghood and love. what makes, breaks and liberates these queer poets in exile? what faces do they wear and dream? 

(poetry reading and informal talk between the poets)

☁️ 23.06.2023 (3:00pm), no.mad.in.the.attic for “Prosanova: Festival für junge Literatur”, Hildesheim.

Letters. Journal entries. Worn out soles. Nicotine patches. In the moonlight, the yellow wallpaper mutates. We’re on all fours, we’ve broken free. I told me how to save me in a dream. Light the candle. Burn the Great House. Mad, madder, maddest. Cull. That’s not you in the mirror. That’s the child you were. Would you like to hold hands? There’s surely ways to escape diagnoses. The garden awaits. You know the way, you are. Kiss the dark, leak at its lips. Slap yourself awake. Write everything down, don’t you miss even a single detail. 

அவ்ரீனா பிரபலா-ஜாஸ்லின் / avrina prabala-joslin has been meaning to tell a story of  horror and madness and the strange world of words. It’s time. 

Inspired by Wide Sargasso Sea (Jean Rhys) and The Yellow Wallpaper (Charlotte Perkins Gilman).

Note: disturbing content and noises.

☁️ 23.06.2023 (6:45 pm), Kadal Ondru with writer Sinthujan Varatharajah for “Prosanova: Festival für junge Literatur”, Hildesheim.

“Water masses (are) a constant reminder of what was, what could have been and stopped being” (possible biography of an ocean). What does it mean to share an ocean? To return to water, not land? What does the ocean swallow and hide? Whose epitaphs are written in water and what eulogies do whales sing? In this session, Avrina Prabala-Joslin and Sinthujan Varatharajah will let their tongues form waves to allow for water to form human words.

☁️ 24.06.2023 (5:30 pm), Live reading with the literary podcast series Stoff aus Luft for “Prosanova: Festival für junge Literatur”, Hildesheim.

☁️ Vocations, residency workshop (24.04-28.04.2023) and event series with Haus für Poesie Berlin, Jungen Akademie der Künste, Kulturstiftung Schloss Wiepersdorf, Heimathafen Neukölln. (World premiere scheduled for the second half of 2023)