Canley Crematorium

She removed herself swiftly from the cab in front of Canley Crematorium and began to jot down in words the following: ‘Entrance to Charter Chapel, Gardens of Remembrance and Cemetry’. The map at the very entrance caught her eye: of course, it wasn’t everyday that she came across areas marked ‘Weeping Willow’, ‘Book of Remembrance’, … Continue reading Canley Crematorium

Remains and Leftovers – Guy’s Cliffe House

It’s called the hidden gem of Warwickshire. But we find it easily- nestled on the A429, next to the International Warwick Riding School and a few miles away from where Edward Plantagenet was supposedly beheaded. We creep quietly with our cars, leaving tracks in gravel which is wet constantly by the constancy of rain. This … Continue reading Remains and Leftovers – Guy’s Cliffe House

Misty Eiffel Tower

So once in a lifetime, you get to go to Paris and when in Paris, from most of the Rues nearby, you see the Eiffel Tower. You see it in the morning when you take your bus around. And all day through, you keep hearing stories about how the Eiffel Tower was built for an … Continue reading Misty Eiffel Tower

Paris L’Open on a cold day.

Paris has never been projected as a cold city. Always as the romantic one. Having only two days, we hopped on the Paris L'Open tour bus in order to get a clear picture of the city as such. The cold, as we waited for the bus to arrive, was slowly teaching us that it was … Continue reading Paris L’Open on a cold day.

Upon Westminster Bridge

"Never did sun more beautifully steep / In his first splendor, valley, rock, or hill; / Ne'er saw I, never felt, a calm so deep! / The river glideth at his own sweet will: / Dear God! The very houses seem asleep; / And all that mighty heart is lying still!"  (Upon Westminster Bridge- William … Continue reading Upon Westminster Bridge