So once in a lifetime, you get to go to Paris and when in Paris, from most of the Rues nearby, you see the Eiffel Tower. You see it in the morning when you take your bus around. And all day through, you keep hearing stories about how the Eiffel Tower was built for an international exhibition and sneer at the thought that someone had one day even thought of demolishing it! Oh, they thought the same about the Louvre. Yes, it is hard to understand the French! You keep waiting to get to the Summit (the highest level) and think of the perfect, tall, dark, handsome stranger.

My Eiffel Tower visit was different. Mist covered the upper half of the tower. As we stood below, waiting with a bad coffee to get in, the whole tower illuminated with endless silver lights that sparkled! That seemed to fill me enough. But we were going in.

Imagine a lift taking you up into the clouds, that was the feeling. Somehow threatening too, like when the lift opened, you’d see Peter standing there with keys to heaven! When we finally reached the Summit, the city below, the Seine flowed quietly and lights shined. All behind a heavy veil of mist. Inspite of this, the cold didn’t get to us. Around us, in a cosy restaurant and a ski rink, lovers held hands and kissed. We four, stood, looking down at the city, feeling somewhat closer to God.

In the silence, I thought of how this tower had become an epitome of love. Not just romantic love, but love to the bones, love for fellow humans. And that moment, that love made me forgive so many. For me, forever it will be a place where we had a fight, and yet stood next to each other, knowing we’d be connected forever.


Location: Paris, France

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