Chidiya Tapu, South Andaman

Chidiya Tapu brought this back - One of the earliest memories that I have of being a child are those where my mother animatedly fed me. She’d bring a plate with my food, sit next to me and patiently ball the food, craftily hiding any elements that may at sight inconvenience this every day ritual … Continue reading Chidiya Tapu, South Andaman

Latchadeepam (A lakh flames)

It is a Latchadeepam, a lakh flames. For fifteen years of my life, I’ve lived in a small town called Villupuram in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. I’ve always considered it to be one of the blandest places of my life. I’ve rarely ventured out, except for regular visits to the church, to … Continue reading Latchadeepam (A lakh flames)

My Bangalore

Many say that Bangalore isn’t for the weak hearted- it is for the young at heart and wild in spirit. Truth is, my Bangalore is for everybody. It adapts like the kindest mother we’d ever have. Every time, and without fail. In the morning, the scent of new flowers in Madivala market, Vinayagar statues lined … Continue reading My Bangalore